Bible Study

Each Sunday morning after church, the members of St. Luke gather together to study Scripture and the role that it plays in their lives and in the world. It's a time of growing and learning, of asking questions and listening, of prayer and God's Word. You are always welcomed and encouraged to join us!

Starting in October 2017, St. Luke is working its way through the book of Romans. Each week's lesson will be recorded and placed here in case you'd like to join us in person but are unable.

Week 1- October 1, 2017  

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Week 2- October 8, 2017




For archived audio for past Bible Study series, please contact Pastor Woell.


In addition to our Sunday morning Bible Study, we also hold a Thursday evening Bible Study (except during Advent and Lent.) This too is a time to scour the scriptures and discover what they have to say about God, about you, and about the world you live in.

In our Thursday evening Bible Study, we're currently going through the basics of the Christian faith. From the concept of "god" in general to our specific understanding of God- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit- and everything in between, we're refreshing and reminding ourselves of the core of our faith. This series will run through the month of October. We'd love to have you join us!