Bible Study

Each Sunday morning after church, the members of St. Luke gather together to study Scripture and the role that it plays in their lives and in the world. It's a time of growing and learning, of asking questions and listening, of prayer and God's Word. You are always welcomed and encouraged to join us!

On Sunday, April 7th, we started a series taking a look at the theological and practical issues surrounding death. It's not something we think about often or even like to think about, but God's Word has a lot to say on the topic. We would love to have you join in on this discussion!

Haven't been able to make any of the classes so far? That's no reason why you can't join us! While the Bible Studies do build on one another, each one stands alone as an opportunity to dig into Scripture and grow in your faith.


Week 1- 4/7/2019

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Week 2- 4/14/2019

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Week 3- 4/28/2019

This week, we watched this interview, which deals with the dopics we've been discussing.

Week 4- 5/5/2019

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Week 5- 5/12/2019

This Sunday, we had a guest leader for Bible Study, who focused on the importance of pre-planning for your death. No recording was made of their presentation.

Week 6- 5/19/2019



For archived audio for past Bible Study series, please contact Pastor Woell.



Aside from our Sunday morning Bible Study, we also hold a Thursday evening Bible Study. Starting April 2019, we're working our way through John's Gospel. As always, we would encourage you to join us in person. However, if you are unable to make it in person, the recordings of this class will be placed below.



Week 1- Intro to John

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Week 2- John 1

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Week 3- John 2

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Week 4- John 3

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Week 5- John 4