Right there, in the opening verses of the book of Revelation, John pretty well says it all, doesn’t he? To Christ “be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.”

Our problem is that this happens far too infrequently. Instead, we find ourselves giving honor and praise and glory to just about anything else. Ourselves, for example. We attempt to usurp what is God’s by claiming credit for what is actually God’s and avoiding responsibility for what is actually ours.

What God demands and desires, what He wants is nothing less that absolute commitment to Him and complete trust in Him. Nothing less will do. This is exactly what is meant in the First Commandment, where God declares, “You shall have no other gods.” Jesus dealt with gnawing hunger, intense pain, isolation from friends and family, but He remained steadfast and committed to God above all things. By rejecting Satan’s temptations and doing God’s will, Jesus showed us how to have no other gods. By His perfect obedience and absolutely innocent suffering and death, Jesus gave glory to God and demonstrated the Lord’s dominion in His own life.

We also smash the First Commandment when we make created things into little gods. For example, when we humans claim or give priority to created things or human passions, we give honor and service to these things rather than giving them to the true God.

Thankfully, when we fail God, we have someone standing up and pleading our case and citing His own suffering, death, and glorious resurrection as reason for God to cast a blind eye on our sin seeing instead only Jesus. God sees Jesus' suffering and death, His rest in the tomb, and His glorious resurrection. He sees Jesus’ victory over Satan, and in His mercy, God bestows Jesus’ victory and its benefits to those for whom Jesus lived and died and rose again – you and me!

So, To Christ “be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.