Bible Study

Each Sunday morning, the members of St. Luke gather together to study Scripture and the role that it plays in their lives and in the world. It's a time of growing and learning, of asking questions and listening, of prayer and God's Word. You are always welcomed and encouraged to join us!

From February 2021 to July 2022, St. Luke walked through the book of 1 Corinthians. The final recordings of that class are below.


Week 57—5/29/2022

Week 58—6/5/2022

Week 59—6/12/2022

Week 60—6/19/2022

Week 61—6/26/2022

Week 62—7/3/2022

Week 63—7/10/2022

Week 64—7/17/2022

Week 65—7/24/2022

Week 66—7/31/2022—Final Session


For archived audio from past Bible Study series, please contact the church office.



From May to July of 2022, St. Luke is holding a Bible Study that meets at 7 pm on Thursdays. This series will focus on recent research from Lutheran Hour Ministries and Barna


Week 1—The Reluctant Witness, Part 1

Week 2—The Reluctant Witness, Part 2

Week 3—The Reluctant Witness, Part 3

Week 4—Households of Faith, Part 1

Week 5—Households of Faith, Part 2

Week 6—The Hopeful Neighborhood, Part 1

Week 7—The Hopeful Neighborhood, Part 2

Week 8—Gifted for More