St. Luke is hosting several food trucks this year. With 5,000 lbs. per truck, there is plenty of food to share!  Each event will be held on Tuesday evenings with food distribution beginning at 6:00 p.m.  Registration is required.


June 29 / July 13 / August 10 / October 26



We will primarily be meeting in person, as well as streaming our church service over YouTube. The link will change for each service, but if you click on the following url, you should be directed to a page where you can see all of our upcoming services:

In order to do worship safely, we will hold to the precautions we took while indoors this fall, enforce them more carefully, as well as add new precautions to the mix. 

Here’s what we’ve been doing and will enforce more strictly:

Masks are required before and after our service. During the service, the lectern-side of the sanctuary will be masks-required, and the pulpit-side, masks-recommended. 

As you enter the building, please take a moment to wash your hands (or at least use hand sanitizer.)

While you are free to fellowship with one another outside of the building, please do not mill about indoors.

Seating in the sanctuary must be socially-distanced. To assist in this, every other pew has had its cushion removed, and we’ll ask you to sit at least six feet apart from the next household.

After the service, we will try to turn things around as quickly as possible for Bible Study. Remain seated if you’d like to stay for it, as we’ll be holding it in the sanctuary. If you cannot stay, please immediately leave the church out the south doors of the sanctuary.

With or without the disease, God is faithful. In person, online, or over the phone, services will continue. Whether we can meet or not, Christmas will come, because God has come. Though this year is full of changes, we hold to our God who does not change. In all things, He is our rock and our foundation.



St. Luke offers shelf-stable food and health / hygiene / cleaning supplies to the greater Nunica community. Located in the main entry of the church (on 2nd Street), the Care Cabinet is open 24/7.  

We also offer information for Love In Action, if you need assistance in other aspects of life.  Devotionals are available, as well as information of upcoming Feeding America food trucks. 

Our Care Cabinet is 100% donation-driven.  Please, take as you need and give if you can!