We welcome your children to our Sunday School program!  We teach from the Answers in Genesis curriculum for all age groups.  This curriculum brings the Bible to life, and addresses real-life issues that confront Christians today.

Pre-K - Grade 1: Lesson plans for our youngest students can easily show young students that they can trust in God's Word and that Jesus is our Creator and Savior. Children will learn big Bible truths through interactive teaching, fun stories, and original songs. Learning is reinforced through themed games and crafts. 

Grades 4 - 5: We take your 4th and 5th graders on a chronological journey through the Bible with faith-strengthening apologetics and a strong focus on Jesus.  Not only do kids get answers to their hard questions, they algo get a big-picture overview of biblical history from Genesis to Revelation. Exciting object lessons, skits, songs, and games help set children on a lifelong trek to discover the truth of God's Word.

Middle School: Students in middle school face unique pressures.  They need help as they learn to live right in a culture gone wrong. Through student participation and discussion, this curriculum emphasizes using God's Word to find answers and apply them to daily life.  Easy to understand apologetic teaching helps students to understand that the Bible is trustworthy and equips them to defend their faith to anyone who ask, "How do you know the Bible is true?"

High School: Our high schoolers are encouraged to stay on the path of righteousness, knowing the love of God. We practice love and caring for one another, and practicing prayer for one another and with one another, being united in Christ.  We discuss the Scripture readings, sermon, and hymns from that Sunday morning and how the truths of God's Word apply to us today.  Often, we take the lessons out into the "real world" through field trips, and service projects.